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Jake Beus, DMD

Dr. Jake was born and raised in Utah and graduated from Fremont High School. He then served a two year mission in Honduras where he learned not only how to speak Spanish but he also gained a knowledge of how to communicate with people and treat them with compassion. After his mission he did his undergraduate studies at Utah Valley University and UNLV and received his bachelor of science degree in biology in 2011. While working on his undergrad he had the opportunity to work in a cosmetic dental lab and also assisted where he learned how much he loved to help change people’s lives with a healthier and more ideal smile. Finally, he went on to graduate dental school from Roseman University College of Dental Medicine where he excelled both clinically and didactically.

He initially considered becoming a physician at a young age and decided on Dentistry as a life-long career because, for him, it was the best of both worlds. He has the opportunity to treat people and improve their health in general but also focuses in on improving smiles. Dr. Jake is committed at the highest level in staying informed and up-to-date on the latest that dentistry has to offer. He loves being a student of the profession in order to bring his patients the highest quality of dentistry. 

Dr. Beus has been married to his sweetheart Danielle for 15 years and they now have 2 beautiful girls that are the light of their lives. He enjoys staying active by being involved in CrossFit and triathlons. During his time off he’s loves to spend time with his family boating, hiking, and enjoying anything in the beautiful outdoors.

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