Pediatric Dental Services

If it’s your child first time visiting the dentist it’s important to Aesthetic Family Dental Care to create a positive first experience. Our staff is trained in dealing with children who have anxiety for their visit and work to make them feel as comfortable as possible. We use best practices, games, conversation, entertainment and “bribes” ūüôā to make your children look forward to going to the dentist.¬†


As pediatric dentist, we use proven pediatric dental techniques for reducing fear of dentists and dental care in children. These include;¬†communicative management, nonverbal communication, tell-show-do, positive reinforcement, parental absence/presence, and distraction.¬†Most children respond very well to these techniques. Some children may still struggle and that’s okay.¬†If this occurs, we have other no fear dentistry options that allow us to complete the work.¬†


Depending on the age of your child we offer a wide range of services. The most common service is a child’s first visit to the dentists, during that procedure we do a basic teeth cleaning and evaluation of the overall health of their mouth. We also offer more standard cleanings, fillings, chipped tooth repair, and all other services a child may need.


For your child’s first visit come prepared to have a great experience. Most parents are nervous to see how their children react but know we will work with you to provide an exceptional service. Your child’s first visit will include a consultation and discussion on dental hygiene, a basic cleaning, an evaluation, and a report.¬†

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