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3 Signs Of Gum Disease Never To Ignore

July 15, 2016

3 Signs Of Gum Disease Never To Ignore

Patients who’ve their visited their dentist in Canon City at Main Street Dental know the dangers gum disease presents to their long-term oral health. However, despite the associated risks, a study from 2012 found that nearly half of all adults in the U.S. suffer from some degree of gum disease.
Gum disease is caused by naturally occurring bacteria that forms in the mouth. The bacteria combines with food particles that linger in the mouth after eating to form plaque, a sticky biofilm that clings to the surface of your teeth. When plaque is not properly removed from the mouth through brushing it hardens into tartar. A yellowish deposit that forms along the gum line, tartar can only be removed during a professional cleaning with a dental hygienist.
The build-up of tartar leads to the development of gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, which can eventually progress into periodontitis. A severe form of gum disease, periodontitis causes gum tissue to pull away from the base of your teeth, exposing the delicate roots of a tooth to harmful bacteria and decay. Periodontitis ranks as the leading causes of permanent tooth loss in adults.
Fortunately, you can spots the early signs of gum disease well before the condition threatens your long-term oral health. To keep you smiling brightly for years to come, here are a few warning signs for gum disease.

Bleeding Gums

The first and most common sign of the disease is bleeding from the gum. While this generally occurs immediately after brushing, your gums can also begin to bleed after eating foods that stimulate gum tissue, such as biting into an apple or eating corn on the cob. If you notice blood during and after eating or brushing, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Canon City at Main Street Dental. Unexplained bleeding of the gums certainly indicates an underlying medical condition. While bleeding gums most likely means gum disease, it can be the first sign of a more serious condition.

Red and Swollen Gums

As gingivitis progresses into periodontitis, your gums will begin to swell and become red and tender to the touch. When your gums become swollen they can cause great discomfort and pain. Eating, drinking, brushing and even talking can become problematic due to the discomfort caused by bleeding and swollen gums. As the inflammation in the gum tissue becomes worse your gums may begin to pull away from the base of your teeth. Gum recession is a definite sign of gum disease.

Bad Breath

A less obvious but just as potentially unwanted symptom of gum disease is persistent bad breath. The harmful bacteria that causes gum disease also carries a foul smelling odor that negatively impacts the state of your breath on a daily basis. While foul smelling breath doesn’t possess the same kind of long-term health consequences as tooth loss and gum recession, the condition can negatively impact your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Visiting Your Dentist in Canon City

Fortunately, you can prevent the primary cause of gum disease – tooth decay – by scheduling regular checkups and cleanings with the friendly staff at Main Street Dental. Exams allow our dentists to exam the current state of your oral health and spot any signs of decay or disease early on while still easily treatable.
Cleanings provide our team of dental hygienists the opportunity to remove tartar deposits from the base of your teeth before they can cause any serious damage to occur.
Regular dental visits and daily brushing and flossing are all you need to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, great looking teeth.

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