The Early Signs of Gum Disease

Jul 22, 2016

The Early Signs of Gum Disease

As a family dentist in Canon City, our team at Main Street Dental strives to protect the long-term health of all of our patients. By far, the best practices for maintaining and improving your oral health includes brushing and flossing daily. Practicing these daily habits help to remove plaque and other harmful bacteria from your mouth, thereby limiting the damage these substances can cause. However, if you allow your daily oral hygiene habits to lack, you greatly increase the risk for a variety of oral health problems, including gum disease and tooth decay.
Gum disease poses a significant risk to your oral health by causing a variety of oral problems that range from gum recession to bone and tooth loss. Unfortunately, gum disease can linger for years without showing any kind of obvious symptoms. This can allow the disease to progress from a mild case of gingivitis to the far more serious periodontal disease, the leading cause to permanent adult tooth loss.
There are a few tell tale signs of gum disease that you should stay on the look out for. While these symptoms may not always signal gum disease, they deserve at least to be examined by our team at Main Street Dental should they develop.

Bleeding Gums

The first initial sign you may notice that could indicate gum disease is bleeding while brushing your teeth. If you see blood during and after brushing your teeth or while eating food, be careful. Unexplained bleeding of gum tissue is definitely a sign of some underlying condition that could be even more serious than just gum disease. Schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Canon City for an oral examination should this problem continue.

Swollen Gums

The toxins produced by plaque cause gum inflammation, which leads to the development of a variety of long-term complications. If your gums appear red, swollen, or tender you should definitely not accept the status quo. Like when gum tissue bleeds, inflammation is another definite sign of an underlying health issue, whether gum disease or something more serious. Either way, you need to schedule a dental exam to determine the root cause of your discomfort.

Bad Breath

While not as serious as the previous symptoms, bad breath can also serve as an indication of gum disease. As mentioned before, plaque is a mixture of harmful bacteria and food particles that linger in the mouth after eating. When allowed to build up in the mouth, plaque begins to break down and creates all sort of foul smelling substances that make your breath less than fresh. If enough plaque has been allowed to accumulate in your mouth to cause your breath to stink, odds are pretty good you’re a high-risk candidate for gum disease as well.

Tooth Sensitivity

When gum disease causes gum recession, the base of your teeth and the delicate roots and nerves contained within become exposed. By drinking hot coffee or a cold soda, you expose the nerves of your teeth to stimulation that can cause discomfort


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